Tenant Handbook

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Tenant Emergency Personnel

Suite Monitor Responsibilities

Suite Monitors will be assigned to a particular area and will be responsible for the evacuation of those occupants in the event of an emergency.

  • In preparation for emergencies, the Suite Monitor will:
  • Be familiar with all the various layouts and exits of assigned areas.
  • Plan for a safe, orderly evacuation.
  • Determine location and operation of fire alarm pull stations.
  • Know the number of people assigned to their area.
  • Have available a current listing of all physically impaired personnel who cannot evacuate the building unaided with a brief description of the impairment for the Fire Department to aid in safe evacuation. Know the location of, and routes to, exit doors and assembly areas.
  • Notify Emergency Team Members & Office Manager of any changes in the emergency team and of known scheduled time off.
  • Assign two people, in advance, to assist physically impaired personnel during emergency situations (Buddy System).
  • Perform monthly Fire Safety Inspections (see next page for examples and suggestions).
  • Formulate the traffic pattern to primary and secondary exits for the area occupants.

In the event of a fire alarm or other emergency, the Suite Monitor will:

  • Enact and supervise appropriate emergency procedures.
  • Execute pre-planned evacuation procedures.
  • If the location of the fire or emergency is known, report data to the Fire Department.
  • Coordinate the activities of Searchers (those who ensure that their area is evacuated).

Assistant Suite Monitor

There should be two Assistant Suite Monitors assigned to each Suite Monitor.  The Assistants will be trained in the same manner as the Suite Monitor and must be prepared to assume the responsibilities of the Suite Monitor in his/her absence.

In the event of a fire alarm or emergency, the Suite Monitor (to be assigned by tenant) will:

  • Assist the Suite Monitor with coordination of evacuation or emergency procedures.
  • Ensure that physically impaired personnel have relocated to predetermined refuge areas with one person while another informs the Fire Department of the exact location of that person (The Buddy System).


The Searchers (to be assigned by tenant), who may be Assistant Suite Monitors, are responsible for searching for personnel in restrooms, kitchen areas, computer rooms, etc. and assisting the Suite Monitors in evacuating the facility. Searchers are not responsible for individuals who refuse to evacuate the building.




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