Tenant Handbook

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Fire Prevention

Do not accumulate quantities of discarded files or other paper trash in your office or storage area. Pay special attention to housekeeping in those departments that produce quantities of debris, such as duplication machines, mailing and receiving rooms.


Do not store large quantities of flammable solvents, duplicating fluids, or other combustible fluids.


Keep electrical appliances in good repair. Report unsafe conditions to the building office.


When furnishing an office, consider the fire potential of materials used in large amounts, like overstuffed chairs, settees, couches or anything that could become a combustible item. Such furnishings should be flame proofed.


Where potential for fire is especially high, such as supply rooms, tenants may wish to consider installing additional fire extinguishers.


Fire Safety with Christmas Trees

Christmas trees pose a major fire hazard if the proper precautions are not taken.  Below are guidelines provided by the Fire Department.

This list does not represent all the precautions and requirements, so before displaying any Christmas tree or ornament with lighting, please request the complete set of guidelines from the Fire Department.

  • All artificial trees should be UL approved or labeled as flame-retardant/resistive by manufacturer. Decorations on trees must also be non-flammable.
  • Lights on Christmas trees must be UL listed.  Small, low temperature bulbs are recommended.  No candles or open flames are allowed, including portable heating devices.
  • All tree lights should be turned off nightly.
  • Live or cut trees must be watered and watched.  If a cut tree becomes too dry it must be removed promptly.  Cut trees must also be disposed of properly via one of the numerous local organizations that offer services during the holidays.  Do not dump cut trees in the trash enclosure.




We invite you to learn how to implement your own emergency preparedness plans by using the resources from our PREP website.


Take advantage of additional training and resources to build your knowledge and preparedness. Sign in to Preparis to view the multimedia training presentations.


Become familiar with the life safety information specific to your building and location. Sign in to Building Safety Solutions to view the multimedia presentation that will help you in a crisis event.


Purchase first aid supplies and emergency provisions and sign up for CPR, FA, AED training on our custom order site with corporate pricing, product guidelines, and other tools.